Common Treatments

Crowding of the teeth

crowding of the teeth beforeBefore
crowding of the teeth afterAfter

Patient started treatment at age 11 and wore braces for 22 months. She loves her new smile!

Open bite - Front teeth don't touch

open bite beforeBefore
open bite afterAfter

Patient sucked her thumb as a young child and then developed a tongue thrust habit. She started treatment at age 12. She had braces and a special tongue retraining appliance for 24 months. Now she can bite all the way through the lettuce in a sandwich.

Deep overbite - Lower front teeth bite into palate

deep overbite beforeBefore
deep overbite afterAfter

This patient, age 16, required braces  to correct his severe overbite, with treatment taking two years to complete.

Underbite - Lower front teeth in front of upper teeth

underbite beforeBefore
underbite afterAfter

Patients underbite was causing jaw joint discomfort and excessive wearing of the front teeth. After 28 months of treatment he now finds smiling and chewing much easier.

Spacing of teeth

spacing of teeth beforeBefore
spacing of teeth afterAfter

Patient was bothered by the spaces between his teeth. Braces closed the spaces and gave him an ideal bite in 18 months. Special bonded retainers help keep the spaces closed.

Overjet - Protruding front teeth

overjet beforeBefore
overjet afterAfter

At age eleven, the patient had a large overjet with the top teeth protruding beyond the bottom.  At age 13, she was proudly displaying her new smile.



phase 1 beforeBefore
phase 1 afterAfter

This childs parents were concerned about the appearance and health of her front teeth, and they brought her into see Dr. Bellard at age eight. The upper front teeth were extremely displaced from their normal positions, with two teeth in traumatic crossbite with the lower teeth. Four baby teeth were removed, and after 9 months of Phase I treatment with partial braces and a lower space maintainer, her appearance and dental function were vastly improved.


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